North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Duck Hunts|North Texas Guided Duck Hunting
North Texas duck hunting has always been
outstanding. Delta County, which is where Lake
Cooper is located is one of the prime North Texas
duck hunting areas. With plenty of water and
agriculture in this area. The ducks and geese winter in
North Texas and lake Cooper throughout the duck
hunting season.  Some of the duck species you might
see while on our duck hunt at Lake Cooper..

Red Head
Wood Duck
Ring Neck

Give North Texas Duck Hunts a call and book your
hunt for the upcoming season!!!!
North Texas Duck hunting at its best.. We hunt the
flooded timber,dead timber, marsh and open water
areas of Lake Cooper , Lake Fork, Pat Mayse,  Red
River and WMA's in OK. Where we shoot mallards ,
pintail, teal, wood duck, and wigeon..At North Texas
Duck Hunts we hunt large numbers of mallards in the

dead timber. Out in the deep waters  you
can shoot trophy Cans,Goldeneye and Bufflehead
and resting mallards.

Our first boat is a 16x48  GPS equipped 23 hp Go-
Devil LT and can travel to secluded shallows and
heavily timbered areas. Our second boat is a custom
GPS equipped 18x60 mud boat. Powered by a Go
Devil 35 Surface Drive. Our third boat is a GPS
equipped 18x48 mud boat pushed by a 35 LT. This
beast will push us into the thick trees and stumps
where the surface drive has a bad morning..

We offer a Guided duck hunting in north Texas at its
best..Thousands and thousands of acres to hunt on,
not drought stricken mud holes..North Texas guided
duck hunting at it's best..The areas are prime
hunting areas for guided duck hunting...

The duck hunting in the dead timber is very exciting
and the shots are anywhere from in your face to 30
yards. No pass shooting here. At North Texas Duck
Hunts we offer a duck hunt that’s not rushed and
very relaxed. The areas we duck hunt on Cooper are
very secluded and hard for the average person to
find so there is never a crowd.
Unlike other duck hunting guide services
North Texas
Duck Hunts will let you use your dog. If you have a
dog you can feel free to bring them. I do not care
how well trained your buddy is, if you enjoy hunting
with them so will I. This is because you can duck hunt
alone or with friends that understand the ways of
your pup. I never mix hunters, everyone knows the
person next to them. We will keep the dog safe but
let you and your pup have fun. For the best guided
duck hunting in north Texas. At North Texas Duck
Hunts I offer one on one guided duck hunting..This is
at no extra cost..I have no min...
North Texas Duck Hunts
North Texas Duck hunting 60 min north from Dallas Texas
north texas duck hunts tropht can hunt
Landing areas for the ducks...
Always have a landing zone for the
ducks and  geese to land in and
key in on when committing to your
decoy spread..Try to have the
ducks break down downwind of
your blind..I like them to start there
slow down as they cross the
blind..This way everyone has a
chance for a shot..To be honest I do
not have a set pattern..But I do use
one large group down wind to
cause this crossing flight...When I
use a pattern it is most likely a fish
hook with a stringer about 30 yds
up wind..With this in the early
season I set out about 10 doz
decoys as the season progress I
slip out less as the ducks become
decoy shy...Like I said there is no
set pattern..Nature of the area tells
me what to do...Two very large
groups. One on the left and right
with on opening in the middle has
worked very well in a large open
marsh area with flights of 60 to 70
birds per flight
Some Keys to Sucsess
Calling ducks is part of hunting
ducks..BUT there is etiquette for
calling and working birds...NEVER
call birds that someone is obviously
trying to work..It is true you can't
learn if you don't call..BUT learn
what ducks you should talk
to..Nothing is worse than someone
that calls at everything that flies..Go
out and listen to ducks..There is
really just a few notes (Calls)  you
need to learn..Listen to the hens in
the clip..There is not a lot of notes
going on...
These hens are at rest and feeding
and calling the greeting call..You
can mix it up with chuckles and
different tones but there is not the
long drawn out contest calling on
most CD's..Just 5 to 6 notes and
some feeding talk...Remember
ducks do not sound the same just
like peoples voices are
different...Learn to sound like many
different ducks..I use a very high
pitched call..To some it does not
sound like a duck call..Which is the
idea..VERY FEW people use a call
of this pitch..IT WORKS..A VERY
FAST comeback type call with this
pitch turns 90 percent of the
birds..A variable tone call works can make your own by
drilling a small hole in the barrel of
your call...CLIPS TO COME
showing calling tips
Start This At 1:00
I think you should listen to the real
thing to learn the various tones
and many different sounds made
by ducks..You can hear the high
pitched calls I was talking about
North Texas Duck
Hunting At It's Best
Teal season limits
Limits are the normal hnt
limit of birds in the dead timber of north texas/North Texas Duck Hunting
Limit of ducks in north texas/north texas duck hunts
Duck hnt on lake fork
jetts first dead timber duck hunt
teal and jett on a dog stand
Two limits while duck hunting
Dan swimming in with a teal on lake cooper tx
cold weather duck hunting
dead timber hunts
Training a pup to hunt on duck hunting trip in north texas
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limit of teal on a north texas lake
North Texas Duck Hunting
Flooded Dead Timber
Layout Boat
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Season Pics
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-North Texas Duck Hunting-
If you want to hunt on a pond or shot out private land
these hunts are not for you
We take mud boats out to the timber,mud flats,sand bars and
the weed beds for real duck hunting in North Texas to kill limits
This is all I do. I guide and train working retrievers to hunt
North Texas Mallard Hunting/Dead Timber Hunts
Dead Timber Hunting/North Texas Duck Hunts
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