North Texas Duck Hunts
A good mornings hunt
Three man limit of ducks from north texas
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North Texas Duck Hunting
North Texas Duck hunting is a challenge. This is because of the
varied terrain and on public lakes such as Lake Cooper you
must know your way around  and make time to scout. You need
to have the right equipment for this lake.A shallow drive
motor..Mud Motor is a must.. No mater how careful, you will hit
submerged trees and old asphalt and gravel roads..The best
areas on Cooper will be in the stump filled weed chocked
shallows.  You need a GPS to make it back to the right spot..I
have never used anything but my eyes until last season..It is a
must..I am a believer in these things..You cannot find your way
in 3 miles of flooded timber without one. On a moonless night it
is impossible to get there..I run with four very bright lights and a
search light and you cannot get there. Believe me I have
hunted Caddo and this is harder..Lake Coopers water level
goes down every must find a different path in each
week..To do this you must go in several times and find the best
path to squeeze your boat in..You will never find them in the
dark..You say no prob I will mark it..Well everyone will follow
your lead..You just broke the trail for the lazy hunter. Lake
Cooper is a great lake with room for all who hunts. I very rarely
see anyone remotely close to our spots..Just be courteous with
others and everyone will have a great hunt..This year the water
is UP so there will be MANY excellent back water areas to hunt
at Lake Cooper
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