Richard started hunting waterfowl in North
Texas at the age of 17 and started
guiding professionally at the age of 20.
His 36 years experience in the outdoors
shows with his effort to bring the clients to
the birds. This is not a side job, he trains
working retrievers to hunt and finds birds
to shoot not just 3 months out of the year.
With his knowledge of waterfowl habitat
and the ability to identify feeding areas
helps him find the best secluded areas to
bring his clients.  He pre scouts all areas
before the hunt to put his clients on birds..
North Texas Duck Hunts
Duck And Goose Hunting 50 Min From Dallas Texas
Here at North Texas Duck Hunts we offer a no rushed old
fashioned guided duck hunt. We go to the flooded timber and
dead timber and deep water timbered loafing and marsh areas to
hunt for mallards and other ducks.  North Texas offers large
numbers of ducks and geese to hunt.  Many of these ducks have
shifted there migration routes from Ark. To the North Texas area.
This gives the duck hunter the opportunity to hunt ducks in the
numbers that you may see in Ark. but much closer to home. We
offer a duck hunt that’s not rushed and very relaxed. The areas
we duck hunt are very secluded and hard for the average person
to find so there is never a crowd. I do not shoot on your duck or
goose hunt like other guides. This is your duck hunt not mine.
This allows me to concentrate on calling ducks and letting
everyone stay safe. We will duck hunt as long as you want or get
in as quick as possible. Duck hunting stops at noon on the WMA's
so we can shoot until the legal lake time if you wish.
Unlike other duck hunting guide services If you have a dog you
can feel free to bring them. I do not care how well trained your
buddy is, if you enjoy hunting with them so will I. This is because
you can hunt alone or with friends that understand the ways of
your pup. I never mix hunters, everyone knows the person next to
them. We will keep the dog safe but let you and your pup have